Reading Time

Although the winter is considered the slow time of the year the activities never end. They just move from being outdoors to indoors.

For us that meant to finally have the time to catch up on some reading and getting more familiar with gardening principles and broadening our horizons and understanding.

One book that I bumped into at the local library was “Solar Gardening: Growing Vegetables Year-Round the American Intensive Way” by Leandre Poisson and Gretchen Vogel Poisson.

With the relatively short growing season at higher altitude (~5400 feet) and a low humidity climate this book holds some interesting ideas on extending the growing season that could be adapted to the active fallow methodologies…

I will have to study this book a bit more but I already like that it provides hands on instructions with construction plans that use low cost materials. This looks like a doable project for an experiment…

I will keep you posted.


New Season Starts

Alright, we are back for this year after last year got a bit derailed midway through with happenings outside of our control.

But we still did harvest quite a bit last year

Sample of our Active Fallow harvest

Samples of our Active Fallow harvest last year

and learned a lot but just didn’t seem to find the time to update our website.

Well, it’s a new year and a new start and we are back.

Hope to see you around!

Quiz 3

Oh, boy, summer has caught up with me and with my two kids at home from school, the next quiz is coming along just now.

Here we go: Do you recognize what this is? If you know the answer leave a comment. Good luck!

Quiz 3

This was the last quiz picture: Continue Reading »

The free monthly July wallpaper for your desktop has been posted on the “Free Downloads” page.

July 2007 Wallpaper



Today was the first “harvest” at our Nyland plot:

a delicious sweet pea

Sweet pea

and a spicy radish!

First spicy radish

It is a pretty awesome feeling when you loosen the soil around the radish, pull on the leaves and this nice red radish pops out. My sons were really proud that their watering has paid off. In their excitement they wanted to pull out everything at once but learned to restrain themselves.

But now we had to speed home so that we could taste OUR radish. Oha, that was a spicy little red radish! But surprise, because it was OUR radish my older son actually liked this spicy little devil. Wow! I am impressed…

The kids can’t wait to go back and get more… haha!

Good-bye, goat

I am sad to tell you that one of the goats has passed away after a few short weeks of a mysterious illness.

It all started with the goat refusing to eat and not getting up. Even the vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong but started the goat on antibiotics anyway. After a few days of antibiotics, massages and extra care the goat started to eat again, started to walk again and seemed on the way to recovery – when I suddenly received the news that the goat had passed away.

That hit us all by total surprise as the goat was seemingly doing really well…

The goat found its final resting place below the willows past the greenhouse. Good-bye, dear goat!

Unhappy Camper

Yesterday we were out at Nyland’s watering our plot and minding our own business when an ear deafening screech right ahead of us made us jump and drop the hose. A stray water jet has made somebody hiding out in the tall grass adjacent to our plot a very unhappy camper.

Seconds later, a beautiful pheasant strutted out of the grass, inspecting the disturbance (us), crossing our plot and disappearing into the tall grass on the other end. Good thing I always keep my little digital camera in my pocket!




Wow, what an experience that was! I’ve only seen stuffed pheasants in a museum but this was really something else…